PGN-EXD5200 Super high-speed three/four thread computer overlock Direct drive

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  • Product Name: PGN-EXD5200 Super high-speed three/four thread computer overlock Direct drive
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    Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine

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  • Product Area: CHINA
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  • Machine Model: PGN-EXD5200
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Combination of precision machinery and intelligent computer, with automatic needle stops, automatic cutting, and automatic suction, adjustable speed, truly high speed, high efficiency, positioning accuracy, reached the international advanced level.

Needle: 14#
Needle number: 2
Thread number: 5 Needle gauge: 3mm Stitch length: 3.8mm; Stitch width: 5mm Differential ratio: 0.7-2
Height of the presser foot: 5mm; Max. sewing speed – 7000 spm
Energy efficient direct-drive servo motor
3 (three) kind of sewing model: manual, semiautomatic, full automatic Features:
- Electric automatic trimming device,
- Auto presser foot lift;
- Auto suction device (no air pump/compressor is needed)
-3 level adjustable LED lights;
- Thread sensor;
- Automatic thread trimmer electromagnet;
- Safety switch, intelligent operation control panel in English language;
- Automatic cutting device;

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